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        Process design of electrophoresis coating line for auto must pay attention to
        2014/9/19 8:31:15  /  Publish: The Station  /  Pageviews

        Create pretreatment punish production line, first to complete the process planning, then can hold the non-standard configuration plan, manufacture and arrangement. So the process plan is fundamental to creating electrophoresis coating line of cars, accurate, reasonable way have good effect on the production operation and production of wind will. The content includes the process plan: treatment, treatment time, process etc..

        1 electrophoretic painting line for automotive treatment
        Workpiece treatment, refers to the workpiece to reach the goal of chemical pretreatment of punishment in what the essentials and the bath of war, including a full immersion, spray type, spray immersion combined, brush type etc.. The influence factors of it depends on how much tension of workpiece size and shape, area of garden, the scope of investment, production capacity etc.. For example, many large size workpiece, shall be in the spray tank, oil drum essentials; workpiece is not easy to sink in the liquid, and thus shall be in immersion essentials.

        1.1 full immersion Essentials
        The workpiece is immersed in the bath, to treatment after a period of time out, complete removal of oil or rust phosphating etc. The purpose of a common treatment, how many different workpiece shape character, as long as the liquid can probably reach the place, can realize the processing of penalty goal, which is a strange benefits immersion Essentials spraying, brushing, is incomparable with. Its disadvantages, is funded by there is no rigid scour, so processing speed is relatively slow, the processing time is longer, especially as continuous suspension conveying workpiece when the workpiece, in addition to running time in the groove, time and workpiece downhill, so that the allocation of growth, garden area and investment increase. Only on the phosphating, now more tend to accept overseas immersion type, allegedly full immersion phosphating is easy to form granular crystalline phosphating film high iron content, has good matching performance with cathode electrophoresis.

        1.2 all spray Essentials
        Used to pump the liquid pressure, and the pressure from 0.1 to 0.2Mpa so that the liquid jet to form fog, processing results on the workpiece. Because the spray has rigid scour and liquid update using, therefore processing speed, time contraction. Production line length contraction, the corresponding section of the first garden, equipment, insufficient place is, how much is the huge workpiece shape, like cavity, the corner and other liquid is not easy to reach, the processing result is not good, so I had to punish when in processing many shapes simple workpiece. Spray method is also not too suitable for pickling in addition to rust, it will bring about corruption, rusty configuration between processes such as a series of problems, so in the choice of spray pickling must be very careful when. According to reports, the whole spray phosphating is easy to form crystalline phosphating film dendritic coarse, with lower iron content, overseas do not advocate as the pretreatment primer cathode electrophoresis paint before punishment. The whole spray essentials of tension applied to household appliances, parts of the powder coating, electrostatic painting, anodic electrophoresis

        1.3 spray - Immersion combined
        The spray - Immersion combined, usually in a process, the workpiece is first spray, and then into the tank out of the groove again after immersion, spray, spray, soak all are the same bath. This combination means that retains the spray high efficiency, improve the processing speed and punishment, with soaking process, so that all parts of the workpiece can be effectively handled. So the spray - Immersion combined pretreatment can complete the processing of punishment punishment procedure in a relatively short period of time, the configuration occupy space is relatively small, and can be processing results satisfied. Now at home and abroad, to deal with the pretreatment punishment higher requirements of the automotive industry, usually tend to take shower soaked combined essentials.

        1.4 brush Essentials
        Direct liquid treatment by manual brush to the surface, to reach the purpose of chemical processing, this method usually is not easy to get very good treatment results in less punishment, the factory application. The workpiece against some large, shape is simple, can consider to use this method.

        2 the processing temperature
        From saving energy, improve labor environment, low production cost, speed, processing time chemical involved and the rate of production requirements, are widely accepted in the production application is low or medium temperature pre treatment process.

        In addition to liquid oil workpiece, while a solid fat, at low temperature, solid fat is very difficult to remove, so the degreasing temperature regardless of immersion or spray should be selected in the category of temperature. If only the liquid fat, choose defatted can completely reach the requirements.

        As usual for rust and oxide skin should choose the temperature in the workpiece, pickling, square can guarantee within 10min thoroughly remove corrosion and oxide skin loss going. Unless there is sufficient reason, as usual not to choose low or no heating temperature pickling, pickling only rarely, such as: the workpiece corrosion scale; rust removal time is not restricted; acceptable hydrochloric acid pickling environment.

        The appearance of mediation process, usually without heating, usually is the normal temperature treatment.

        Low or medium temperature phosphating, there is no obvious difference of speed can be fast phosphating, phosphating film formation in a relatively short period of time. The workpiece after phosphating, if requires a longer storage time between processes, change should choose the medium temperature phosphating, will have good rust results.

        The pretreatment process, all can use at room temperature without heating washing method, if the last washing is hot water dry, the water temperature is over 80 DEG C.

        3 processing time
        Treatment, treatment temperature once selected, the processing time should be according to the workpiece, the degree of corrosion to oil. As usual can refer to punish medicament by using pretreatment

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